Yarn bombing is more feminine. It’s like graffiti with grandma sweaters.

Street art and graffiti are usually so male dominated, said Ms. Hemmons. NY Times, 5.18.11


Ishknits, or Jessie Hemmons, is a yarnbomber who recently moved to Oakland, CA from Philadelphia, PA. Her work concentrates on facilitating a shift in the perception of street art, by using a typically feminine craft to initiate a dialogue on the relationship between gender and non-commissioned public art. Through her use of vibrant colors and an historically emphatic medium, she encourages people to understand and utilize the ability they possess to be assertive as well as positive in their community.

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Commissioned Work

Ishknits is consistently inspired by the creative work of artists and organizations.  She encourages individuals and organizations to consider embracing and celebrating their accomplishments through the use of knitted design.  Ishknits has a personal interest in providing innovative set design for the creative industry, such as fashion, film, and music; advertising for products or services; and temporary installation for events.

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