Short Bio

I have been a lifelong admirer of street art, and always wondered if I would ever find a way to express myself creatively through that platform. When I was browsing the knitting section of my local bookstore and found a book titled, Yarnbombing, I realized at that moment that I had found my pathway to becoming a street artist. The book featured knit and crochet street art projects from all over the world. So, in 2009 I crocheted a 12 inch rectangle that I sewed onto a bike rack in downtown Philadelphia. From there, my obsessive passion for yarnbombing has expanded into larger installations and different cities across the United States.

Mission Statement

The motivation for my work is multifaceted. First, I want to use this typically feminine medium as a catalyst for conversations regarding women in street art. I also hope that using knitting fosters the elevation of craft mediums from the realm of utilitarianism. Secondly, I want to motivate creative individuals to express themselves. I’ve publicly displayed the development of my skills so people can see that there is an evolution of creative ability. Lastly, I hope to leave a positive impact on my community and make art accessible to people who may feel excluded from the fine art world.