|Image Credit: @StreetsDept/Conrad Benner|

‘I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.’

January 20, 2017

Today I am humbled to honor the words of Audre Lorde, a master poet and black, lesbian feminist who challenged us White Women™. She refused to allow us to deny our privilege and exclusivity.

Feminism is nothing without civil rights.

To believe you can advance the rights of particular women at the expense of others is tantamount to the patriarchy we disavow. This new administration is frightening, but it is not a surprise. We must utilize the groundwork laid before us with respect and humility as we fight with passion and boldness for women’s rights. For all women.

#SignsOfSolidarity #SignsOfSolidarityPHL #SignsOfSolidarityATL

Per Streetsdept.com: “Signs Of Solidarity is an Inauguration Day public art protest in opposition to hate and in protest of any and all that embolden divisiveness. It was planned and organized here in Philadelphia by Eric Preisendanz, Aubrie Costello, and myself with some original help with the idea from photographer Conor Gray. In addition to the 30 ‘Signs’ dropped from buildings and businesses here in Philly, there are 30 more Signs Of Solidarity that have dropped in Atlanta!”